We LOVE food – all kinds of food! Here on our site you will find a variety of types of food and cooking styles. Between the both of us we have had to learn about paleo, dairy free, Keto, Vegan, Peanut free, Gluten Free… really all the free foods! We also enjoy cooking the “regular” way and in all types of styles from all types of places. The kitchen is our space to relax, create, and nourish our people. We are delighted to share these recipes with you!

Almond Butter Sauce w/ Lentils & Veggies

This almond butter sauce is so delicious and unique and versatile – you can use any nut butter you like and it will taste perfect! The lentils and nut butter will provide your protein and with all those veggies you won’t miss the meat – trust us!


Perfect Potato Soup

This soup is perfect for a rainy day…or any day. Top with cheese, bacon and chives, then find your pj pants, a comfy chair and watch some Netflix!


Creamy Paleo Chili

This paleo chili perfectly captures the chili flavor minus the beans. It’s even better the next day and freezes super well to keep on hand for your family!


Pan-seared Ribeye Steak with Garlic-Thyme butter

Have a meat lover in your life? This pan-seared steak is a must have in your repertoire! Garlicky, buttery, herby, tender, and beautifully browned, this steak is sure to please! You don’t want to miss this one, trust us!



Rachel’s Chicken & Rice Soup

This creamy and comforting soup will have you coming back for seconds.. thirds, fourths! Imagine chicken noodle soup and chicken pot pie had a baby – that is this soup! easy and delicious!