Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Soup season is heeeerreee! (say it like Oprah in your head) Today is our first 60 degree day and I told my husband, I already feel my attitude improving. That summer heat is just not for me. If you’re like me and ready to get cozy with a warm bowl of soup then this is the recipe for you. Creamy and filling! Here’s how I did it: 👇🏻


• 2 large chicken breasts

• 48 oz chicken broth

• 1 4.3 oz box rice a roni wild rice

• 1 cup chopped celery

• 1 cup chopped carrots

• 1 onion chopped

• 1 cup heavy cream or milk

• 1 clove garlic

• 1 tsp basil

• 1 tsp oregano

• 2 tbs olive oil


1 Set the instant pot on saute add your olive oil, garlic, onion, and veggies to the instant pot.

2 Once the onions are translucent, turn off the sauté setting, then add your chicken breast (it can go in frozen too).

3 Add in your chicken broth, box of wild rice (including seasoning packet)

4 lastly add the dried basil and oregano.

5 Secure your lid, making sure the valve is in “sealing”. Press the manual button and set for 30 minutes.

6 Once timer has gone off move valve to venting to release the pressure.

7 Remove chicken and shred.

8 Add shredded chicken back into your soup.

9 Add 1 cup of heavy cream and serve it up!

Happy cooking, friends.

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