Meal Plan – May 9, 2018 – May 13, 2018


Happy Friday y’all!

I’ve got my meal plan ready for next week and wanted to share it with y’all! Sam has been showing y’all some crazy good whole30 meals! Around here we have been trying to add in more plant based meals but we definitely still have meat on the menu. I’m enjoying the process of learning new ways of cooking and appreciating all the variety there is out there!

Some of these recipes are my own and some are from other blogs that I tweak to make my own – I’ll link what I can and post the rest later!

Here’s the menu!

*Meatless Monday: Sweet Potato + Black Bean Tacos w/ chimichurri sauce!  

Tuesday: Skillet Turkey Meatballs w/ Pasta

Wednesday: Thai Basil Chicken (Turkey) – aka Pad Gra Pow 

Thursday: Homemade Pizza: Prosciutto + Arugula and Margherita … Okay Thursday is actually probably going to be left over day BUT I’m make this on Sunday when we don’t post on Insta so I’ll plan to post a how to for it on Thursday instead! Here’s a sample for homemade pizza sauce.

Friday: Chicken Curry (green or yellow) 

Here’s a Grocery List – May 9 if you decide you want to take a look! Happy cooking everyone!



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