Whole 30 Meal Plan


As you all know I started my Whole 30 on Monday! A few of you reached out and asked some questions so I thought I would post my meal plan and grocery list here!…even if you aren’t completing a Whole 30 they are still yummy meals to try!

Most of the items can be bought at Walmart. I did have to get a few things at Whole Foods, places like thrivemarket.com would have them as well.

I’m only 5 days in but I already feel motivated to finish since I have you all as my accountability.

Since none of these recipes are “Sam Originals”, I have included the link for their original post below to give credit where credit is due! HOWEVER I have compiled a Whole 30 Grocery List for you all based off of these meals.

Thanks to all the bloggers who developed these yummy recipes! Click here for my Whole 30 Grocery List!

Click below for the recipes:

Monday:Crispy Passport ChickenWhole 30 Mayo

Tuesday:Pepper Steak Salad

Wednesday:Heroine Chicken (THIS NEEDS TO MARINADE FOR 48 HOUR!) + Potato Galette + Roasted Brocoli (I omitted the lime)

 Thursday:Beef and Broccoli

Friday:Creamy Sausage Soup

Sam’s Tips:

  • The right kitchen tools make life on W30 a whole lot better. I recommend having an immersion blender, spiralizer and mandoline slicer! It makes the mayo process and all the prep work that needs to be done SO much easier!
  • Whole 30 REALLLLYY takes prep work. So set yourself up for success by having a plan and complaint snacks on hand as well. Here are the complaint snacks I bought for my first week. (these are NOT on the grocery list)
  • Have plans for breakfast and lunch, not just dinners! Remember eating out just got A LOT harder, because of the oils and added sugar in basically everything. Unless you’re very careful and contiensious sometimes staying home is easiest. HOWEVER Chipotle, minus the beans, rice and dairy + guac is a great option. Make sure you avoid the veggies because they are cooked in soybean oil. Panera salads can be made compliant as well just omit chicken as it has added sugar. According to their website, a Five Guys Burger wrapped in lettuce works as well. Use these if you’re in a bind or need a night off of cooking.

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