My Instant Pot has my heart.

IMG_2551My instant pot has changed me. I was gifted one from my family for my birthday and it is all I dreamed it would be AND MORE.

I recently started going back to work, and I somehow ALWAYS seem to forget my family would really enjoy eating dinner that evening.

I come home from the day and my meat is still frozen because I forgot to pull it out and I’m all, “Suppppperrr. That should defrost by next Thursday…we can eat then guys!”
While I loved the idea of the instant pot as soon as I heard about it,  I was too intimidated to actually use it for about a week or so. BUT once I started, I soon realized, it is a dinner time GAME CHANGER. It’s amazing! I made shrimp paella in 5 minutes…FIVE MINUTES.

It can cook an entire frozen chicken in 40 minutes, tenderize pork in 90 minutes, make bone broth in 2 hours….the possibilities are endless.

If you’re like me and super curious about the instant pot but kinda scared to actually turn it on – check out these easy recipes with step by step instant pot instructions below! I  promise, you will be whispering sweet nothings into your instant pot’s ears after trying these!….too far? Nah, we’ll roll with it.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip–  this appetizer is perfect for ANY occasion, like celebrating the fact that you got out of bed this morning. I make this at least twice a month, I wish I was joking.
  2. Kalua Pork– this was the first recipe I made in my Instant Pot. The instructions are easy, the pictures are helpful and the outcome is delish!
  3. Indian Butter Chicken– Foolproof. So easy and delicious. Serve over basmati rice with toasty garlic naan on the side!
  4. Pork Meatball- A family favorite over here. Great comfort food! Serve with bread and shredded brussels sprouts or side salad.

We will be posting more of our own Instant Pot recipe on the reg, so be on the look out! What are you still doing here? Get out your Instant Pot and get cooking, friends!

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