Chemical Free and Green Living



For the past few years my New Year’s resolutions have been pretty simple. Last year I wanted to be better at cooking Asian food and get into a work out routine (only one of those happened successfully). This year I want to be a better baker, be better at self care and covert my home to being more green and chemical free.

I’ve been the most “crunchy” member of my family since college. I love shopping at Whole Foods, my dad and I would get into debates over the evils of Monsanto and I REALLY love kale. But being on a college budget I was never able to fully commit to my convictions the way I wanted to. Then after getting married came the baby…you get it. Life happened. This year I decided it’s important to me to take a breath and actually do things I have been wanting to do. What is worth spending our money on based on our families convictions and knowledge?

It was easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of spending SO much money all at once and on so many things. So I decided instead I would take on one item a month. Totally doable right?! I’m a genius!! YOU’RE WELCOME ( humility is truly my gift).

It’s only February but I have already started converting things over and wanted to share my tentative plan for the year. In hopes it may inspire you to do the same. It hasn’t been hard, in fact I’m looking forward to every month when I get to introduce my next item.

I should clarify I’m not being strict, I’m choosing to have fun with this. If I have room in my budget and there is something I want, I buy it. I’ll also include links to things I’ve used or intend to use this coming year.

Alright here we go! 2018 is looking so green:

January- Daily Household Cleansers. I chose the brand Seventh Generation. I had only used the multi surface spray and cleaning wipes before but the other things are just as good! I now use the disinfectant spray on my daughters toys after play dates, door handles after community group, or to just spray my entire body with this flu season (just kidding, but I’ve been tempted). I LOVE IT! Looking forward to getting their dishwasher detergent here soon as well.

February- Hand soaps. I chose to use EO Brand and found it at TJ MAXX for $5.99. I had already been using it and love love love the smell. I also tried a Seventh Generation one for my kitchen and am liking it so far. I still want a true DIY so I’m planning to make this hand pump soap from Wellness Mama. I’ll keep you posted on the results!

March- Everyday Toiletries. I have always used Suave shampoo and conditioner and Dove soap. It’s cheap and it has worked great for me. I recently downloaded that “think dirty” app and after plugging it all in I have realized we need a change. I’m still in the research process so I’m not sure what we will use yet. (Please send budget friendly clean suggestions that can be bought at a drug store!) I have already converted our toothpaste to this baking soda one and use this charcoal teeth whitener.

April- Garden or grow a plant in your home. This year I have a goal to keep my herb garden ALIVE! (Please Jesus, hear my prayers) I love having them growing right out my kitchen door and hoping to add zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe even a blueberry bush to my garden too. I would love to learn to can and pickle as well. If gardening isn’t your things maybe consider buying a household plant. They help purify your air!

May- Make your own sunscreen and bug spray. I’ve been making my own sunscreen for years using this blog, but never bugspray! We love being outside in the summer so I’m excited to try this recipe I found.

June- Try one new thing from the Farmers Market. Saturday mornings at the local farmers market is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. He buys me fresh flowers and I normally get some kind of fresh pastry. This year I want to buy something new every week, like maybe cheese or meat, and even try to eat more seasonally too.

July- Makeup. I technically converted most of my makeup in December but I’m still looking for “clean” eyeshadow and lipgloss. I use this foundation, this blush and this bomb mascara.

August- Face Wash. I am on the hunt for cleansing oil. Doesn’t it just sound fancy?! I’ve heard amazing things about this. The theory is oil eliminated oil. So by using oil on your face you can help cleanse your skin even better! I currently use witch hazel as a toner and coconut oil as eye makeup remover.

September- Deodorant. I have detoxed my armpits for natural deodorants, according to this blog you should do this first before switching. I’ve used 4 different kinds so far (Thinksport, Crystal Salt Block, Pit Paste and Facto) and am still on the hunt for one I love. Planning to try Primally Pure next!

October- Replace with energy efficient lightbulbs. If this can save me money and help the planet…that gets a big YES from me.

November- Essential Oils. I love diffusing essential oils! I have been making a stockpile of this brand and they have kid safe versions as well! I used the roll on “germ destroyer” on my daughter before day care and so far we are holding strong! Please see this blog for safe oils for babies and kids before getting started.

December- Thieves cleaner and wipes. Thieves oil is amazing when you get sick and they sell a cleaning solution as well. I found this blog on how to make homemade thieves wipes and thought trying it out in December before cold and flu season starts sounded like a good idea! Also, it smells like christmas! (If you didn’t know: Thieves is an essential oil blend based on a story from around the 15th century when the bubonic plague was running rampant through Europe and Asia. Four thieves from Europe, were robbing the infectious dead bodies of all their possessions, miraculously never contracted the highly infectious plague.)

One last suggestion I have is this: start removing your shoes at the door. Shoes track in lead, pesticides, and other pollutants. These yucky things catch onto our carpets and floors. Stuff we track in from the outside can turn our home into a toxic place, especially young children who spend more time on the floor. AND I’ll just add this about shoes…if you wear them in public restrooms why do you want to wear them in your house? ON YOUR CARPET? Barf…

What do you all do to keep chemicals out of your home? Anything you’re looking to change this year? Be sure to let us know below so we can add it to our lists! And don’t forget to download our FREE guide for you to write out your own “Green Goals” for your home!

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