Should you be shopping at Aldi?

IMG_1665If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to stick to a budget then you need to be checking out Aldi!

Aldi has been my main grocery stop for years now. I happily punch that quarter in the cart and pack up my own groceries in the name of savings. I love their newly remodeled stores, their organic options and I live for their weekly meat specials. Seriously, getting amped just telling you all how amazing Aldi is.

So I decided in order to further convince you, it was time to actually crunch some numbers and compare my findings to Walmart prices. I chose a handful of items that appear on my list week after week and may appear on yours too!

Here’s what I found:

Item Aldi Walmart
Butter $2.85 $3.24
Milk $1.38 $2.16
Eggs $0.99 $1.97
Uncured Bacon $5.89 $5.98
Organic Spices $1.99 $3.97
Spices $1.19 $0.98
Chocolate Chips $1.79 $1.98
Oatmeal $2.69 $3.88
Coffee $4.89 $5.94
Goat Cheese $1.99 $3.98
Cheese $1.79 $2.22
Coconut Oil $4.49 $6.64
Avocado Oil $6.99 $9.44
Cooking Spray $1.49 $1.97
Salad Mixes $2.49 $3.46
Spaghetti $1.45 $1.97
Broth $1.89 $2.72
Almonds $5.49 $5.94
Pistachios $4.49 $5.94
Basmati Rice $3.89 $4.37
Jasmine Rice $4.79 $5.98
Quinoa $3.49 $3.92
Frozen Fruit $2.09 $2.44
Nutrigrain Bar $1.79 $2.78
Baby Food Pouches $0.79 $1.00
Ziplock Bags $1.99 $2.54
Clorox Wipes $2.99 $3.48
Paper Towel $5.99 $8.42
Toilet Paper $6.99 $9.97
DIFFERENCE: $91.02 $119.28


In not so shocking news: Aldi will save you money. Most food items were 50 cents cheaper than the Great Value brand at Walmart. Coming out to a $30 savings for things I was normally buying every grocery trip. I grocery shop twice a month so that’s $60 savings per month! It should be noted that there were a few things that were the same price as Walmart such as, olive oil, feta and chicken breast. So they are priced competitively!

Because they don’t sell things like fresh herbs, fresh breads and dairy free yogurt (for my daughter) Walmart will always be a stop I will have to make as well. But knowing I’m saving a nice chunk of my grocery budget is totally worth the two stops for me. If you’re wanting to save money, and there is an Aldi nearby, then be sure to check it out and see what kind of savings you can bring home!

A few “Sam Life Tips” for you:

  1. Walmart’s in NWA price match Aldi prices IF the Aldi store is within a certain distance from your Walmart store. So if all the avocados are hard at Aldi but on sale for 50 cents. Take the Aldi flyer to Walmart and they’ll price match. (if you don’t live in NWA ask your local Walmart. My sister in STL has had success with price matching too.)
  2. If you, like me, have to grab a few things at Walmart after your Aldi trip, try Walmart pickup! All you do is place an order for an exact time, show up and they load it into your car. It’s an amazing time saver and a great 15 minutes of alone time if you’re a momma or an introvert or maybe both!
  3. Doing Whole 30? Be sure to check out Healthy Little Peach’s Aldi guide to find out what compliant foods are offered and you can save while getting healthy too!

What are your favorite things to get at Aldi? Have any tips for us? Be sure to comment below!


2 thoughts on “Should you be shopping at Aldi?

  1. C

    This is a great post! I plan on only doing Aldi in February and see if it makes a huge difference in our budget. My guess is it will. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for sharing!


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